General Feedback on Laya Point courses

  • Great tutors and lovely venue!  Thanks. – Anonymous, Myco-Gardening
  • Great course.  Thank you! – Anonymous, Myco-Gardening 
  • Beautiful venue.  Mind-blowing content.  Amazing food.  Brilliant delivery.  My understanding of the world has changed fundamentally. – Anonymous, Myco-Gardening
  • Excellent course.  Fab accommodation.  Great food.  Great project.  Would like a longer course! – Anonymous, Myco-Gardening
  • Thank you for your wonderful course and interesting group of people. I found the entire day a delight – informative, friendly and professional. And a bit magical….! – Judith Collins, Mushroom Foraging
  • Its Alex here, just wanted to say thanks for a lovely day with Jesper.  Hope to keep in touch and see you again.  Jon and I have already ordered our mushroom dryer!! – Alex Hatfield, Mushroom Foraging
  • We enjoyed our mushroom forage on Monday.  You can send info on future events to me and/or David. –  Denise Lesley, Mushroom Foraging
  • I can’t begin to describe how I felt driving home last night, my life was already happy, full and mostly content.  But the weekend has opened a whole new world which I had long known I’d like to enter.  I’m very grateful to you for the effort you’ve taken to start the project and offer such courses. – Gervase Cooke, Mushroom Foraging
  • Just a quick note to say thanks so much for hosting/organising the mushroom course on Sunday!  We really enjoyed it and learnt a lot.  I hope that the Monday went well too.  Enjoyed your local pub very much too! Keep us informed of your future courses and activities. – Alison Ireland, Mushroom Foraging
  • We both really loved meeting you both :), thank you very much for everything.  – Michelle Goodwin, Mushroom Foraging
  • Damn….Can’t you guys come up with a course I DON’T want to go on ;-).  Thanks for the great 2 day mushroom course. – John Ferguson, Mushroom Foraging
  • A totally immersive mushroom retreat.  Thank you! – Sarah Smith, Mushroom Foraging
  • Massive thanks to you guys and the rest of the crew for helping it flow almost effortlessly.  Fingers crossed it helps to spread news of the amazing goodness you are creating at Laya Point.  And once again, thanks for all the excellent support, love and friendship over the weekend.  It was quite mind-blowing and I know a lot of people felt the same way. – Jesper Launder, Teacher of Mushroom Foraging
  • The teaching was informative and positive.  A beautiful place and people. – Anonymous, Myco-Gardening
  • Very interesting and valuable information. The teaching style was laid back and relaxed and the site was beautiful.  – Paul Saleh, Myco-Gardening
  • I know heaps more about fungi! Liked the folk too. – Daniel Rayson, Myco-Gardening
  • It consolidated my learning from the last course.  The teaching showed a love and passion for subject and a high level of knowledge.  – Georgie Wingfield-Hayes, Myco-Gardening
  • Very enjoyable weekend.  Thanks. – June Patterson, Willow Sculpture
  • Very enjoyable and interesting.  Lovely lunches! – Gill Greep, Willow Sculpture
  • Very interesting and informative.  Enjoyed it very much.  The food was very good. – Joan McCafferty, Willow Sculpture
  • Fab, great venue, great food. – Jackie Lancaster, Willow Sculpture
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the weekend and have been very impressed with the results – have definitely caught the willow bug! – Helen Tarlton, Willow Sculpture
  • Really enjoyed the weekend.  I cannot believe how fast it went.  Such a lovely bunch of people.  Amazing sculptures. – Megan Bamber, Willow Sculpture
  • Thank you for a great weekend.  We really enjoyed our stone letter carving, Stephen is very talented and well informed and it was real eye opener to find out what goes on behind his art, we will keep practising.  We were grateful for your hospitality and Nicole’s tasty cooking and what a breath taking place to visit!  Best of luck with your adventure.  – Karen Walker, Stone Letter Carving
  • Just to say many thanks to all of you for the course. Keith and Amanda have such a wonderful wealth of knowledge and such a great double act. The setting and catering were great too. All good wishes for your project.  Kind regards. – Susan McGahan, Calligraphy


Feedback on the 2 week residential ‘Permaculture Design Course’ – August 2015

  • Thank you Tom and Lala (Nicole), for creating such a supportive and welcoming space and for your limitless generousity. I felt so held and I really appreciated the efforts made – stretching, Yoga Nidra, energisers – to balance out the intensity of the course. – Amy, PDC Graduate
  • Tom and Lala (Nicole), it was wonderful here, thank you! Uncomplicated, like with friends you know well. Relaxed and you managed to open up the space for us.  – Anonymous PDC Graduate
  • A fantastic range of activities. It felt like a holisitic experience. – Maria, PDC Graduate
  • I know that most PDC courses are rougher. This level of hosting left me with energy to think. – Pippa, PDC Graduate

On the Accommodation

  • It’s great to have the cheap option and good faciltities for a camper. Brilliant. – Maria, PDC Graduate
  • I loved staying here. Such warmth and love shared between us all each evening. That was facilitated by the comfort, love and warmth that went into our accommodation. – Emma, PDC Graduate 
  • I loved being in a sharehouse again. It was chilled and lovely and I got to know my co-livers well. – Pippa, PDC Graduate 

On the Food

  • Excellent. The sort of food that everyone eats. Well planned and thought out. The best conversations happened around the food- it was comforting and made people relax, as well as inspiring people on how to eat well. – Kate, PDC Graduate 
  • Oh my gosh! Fantastic, fresh delicious. I felt well nourished and pampered all the way (through the course). There was always enough and a food variety- Thank you! – Anonymous, PDC Graduate
  • Lots of food! Lots of happy people! If you did this on your first PDC it is going to be an unbelievable feast next time! – Pippa, PDC Graduate
  • The bread was phenomenal, the best bread I’ve ever tasted. – Valentin, PDC Graduate
  • Beautiful and nourishing. I was very thankful that it was entirely vegetarian with vegan options. The beauty and healthiness of the meals was deeply supportive during the intensive course. Lovely space to eat in also! So clearly, a lot of thought and love went into the recipes and meal planning- so thankful for this! – Anonymous, PDC Participant

On the Venue

  • Light and air made thinking and relating easier- Great that we could walk out into nature, earthing is important. – Anonymous, PDC Graduate
  • Beautiful space. The ‘clean-ness’ of the interiors provided a sense of harmony. It was also clear to see that a lot of thought had been put into ensuring that all our needs were met, and for that (and everything else) – thank you. – Emma, PDC Graduate
  • Nothing could be improved, in my view! Although, perhaps with a good pair of glasses! – Jim, PDC Graduate (on the view out of the windows)
  • Great that the space can be used for so many things- yoga, games, eating, napping, films. I’m impressed by the transformations. – Anonymous, PDC Graduate
  • Excellent. bright, open with access to the stunning gardens and beautiful landscape surroundings. – Anonymous, PDC Participant
  • The space was an integral part of the course. We were in comfort, with a view of the land to meditate on and the sunshine!! – Pippa, PDC Graduate

About our Teachers

  • I can’t imagine a better person to have been the teaching support in this course. A joyful and positive presence in every situation, generous with her deep knowledge and experience. Simply lovely! – Anonymous, PDC participant on Tierney Woods, Assistant Teacher
  • A beautiful, kind, enthusiastic energy. Very passionate about social permaculture! – Anonymous, PDC participant on Jennifer Lauruol, Assistant Teacher
  • Kind and humourous with the very best intentions. Able to diffuse tensions. – Anonymous, PDC participant on Alan Charlton, Assistant Teacher
  • His short interjections, his poetry, his icebreakers; his exphasis on and examples of  people care in permaculture were invaluable. – Amy, PDC Graduate on Alan Charlton, PDC Assistant Teacher
  • Tierney took difficult topics and made them light. She always had an eye out for the group. I felt very held. – Maria, PDC Graduate on Tierney Woods, PDC Assistant Teacher
  • Jenny has so much knowledge and experience. – Maria, PDC Graduate on Jennifer Lauruol, PDC Teacher
  • Great presentation style and clearly articulated content. – Emma, PDC Graduate on Tierney Woods, PDC Assistant Teacher
  • The patience and gentleness in the explanation was highly valued and inspiring. – Emma, PDC Graduate on Jennifer Lauruol, PDC Teacher



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