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I’m having a secret romance with the early evening light. Last month, when I left work at the Village Bakery it was a bare illumination. But now, it’s clearly much more than a glimmer and it really does make me smile.  The air no longer has that brazen chill which somehow finds a way through my thick motorcycle gear. And as I zoom up, down and around the blind corners on the country road I can finally see the soft blue sky and dramatic clouds that break and reform above the valley walls. Northern European Winter is a  brand new experience, a test of endurance for the little spirit inside.

I’m also very excited that we’ve just ordered our first batch of seeds. Perhaps other gardeners and Permaculturalists know this feeling too?  We’re trying out the seeds of the family run company,, who claim to put all their veggies to the kitchen test and will  only sell seeds of the most delicious, flavoursome, robust and reliable characteristics.   Next week, if all goes to plan, we’ll be  sowing our onions, aubergines, peppers, broad beans, celeriac, celery and tomatoes into indoor trays .

Spring Wishes

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