In our Permaculture Forest Garden
In our Permaculture Forest Garden

Cool, Free, Permaculture Documentaries, e-books, and podcasts to get your appetite hungering for more.

With only about 5 weeks until our PDC with John Champagne, Tierney Woods and Alan Charlton begins on 22 August. Here is an assortment of basic, FREE Permaculture resources to get you into the mood. The first two e-books are by the founders of the Permaculture movement, David Holmgren and Bill Mollison. 
There is so much to learn about in the Permaculture and the Regenerative Agriculture Movement these days. This list is great for beginners and passionate ‘permies’ alike. All of the books, podcasts and documentaries provide an interesting introduction to this new way of looking at land and community project management.


  • I hope this gets your imagination going! We have a dynamite course planned in one of England’s most beautiful regions, The Lake District.  Check out our course information and if you are interested in joining the PDC we have the last places available. Get in touch!
Cool Free Permaculture Resources
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  • July 13, 2015 at 8:13 am

    Excellent resources! Thanks for sharing xx


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