Laya Point herbal tea blendSince coming to England, I have been totally inspired by the foraging and wild medicine movement.  It turns out that England, despite centuries of horrific witch trials, is filled with herbalists and home healers, all sharing their knowledge, which is thankfully so much more accessible in the information age as well as through formal herbalism training.  I have been experimenting with different combinations for a while now and my love of herbal teas, has reached new highs as I create my own fun witchy herbal concoctions.

The beauty of some of these ingredients is that at one time or other they have inspired their pharmaceutical offshoots, such as valerian, being the inspiration for Valium. Whereas other ingredients have simply fallen out of popularity, unless one is frequenting the local pub!  Each ingredient alone can be used for it’s own unique benefit, but together, they create something far more tailored and magical.

Valerian is a deep, deep body relaxant.  Passiflora is great for anxiety and taking the edge off addiction withdrawal.  Hops are great for inflammation, stress and a restful sleep.  Elderberry 10525715_1569663846579381_543805282522225414_nis effective against colds and flu, with immune boosting properties, as well as having a yummy flavour.  The same can be said of Elderflower which has several essential vitamins and is an effective anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory.  Skullcap helps to manage and calm an over thinking mind and reduce high blood pressure.   Echinacea helps to reduce the risk of catching colds by boosting the immune system.  Lavender has a pleasant aroma, relieves tension and muscle spasms and aids digestion.  Hibiscus is fruity and tangy and helps to lower blood pressure.  Ginko is great for mental clarity, circulation and concentration.  Lemonbalm is a mood enhancer, treats stress, brings mental clarity, improves sleep patterns and can make women quite giggly.  Chamomile is an anti-inflammatory, it tones the nervous system and a million other things!

To be fair these teas do some much more than this with the vitamins and compounds that they contain, but this gives you a flavour.

I’ve made a bunch of mixed brews, which I am selling for £4 for a 75 gram bag.  If anyone herbal_teafancies something like this to get them through into the new year, please contact me.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy- creates clarity with ginko biloba, calms anxiety and overactive mental chatter with light flavours of skullcap and uplifts with lemonbalm and elderflower.

Rest Easy- A great bedside drink (ideal with a good book) to assist the evening wind down and calm the nervous system with chamomile, lavender and lemonbalm to soothe after dinner digestion.

Heart Open? Let’s Play- Hibiscus and rose are sweet and fruity and elderberry and echinacea ensure you can keep playing through the colder days. This is a favourite.

Fairy Sleep- Helps the body rest deeply through the whole night. With Valerian, hops, elderflower, passiflora and lavender this is decadent recipe for luxurious, uninterrupted sleep.

Laya Point’s Healthy Homemade Herbal Teas
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